Dates On a Budget!

With the holidays just around the corner, it is important for us to keep finances in check while being able to enjoy life. There are a few things that my husband Chace and I do to enjoy each other’s company while on a budget! Date nights are an important way to connect and clear the mind together so here are date ideas for you to consider while on a budget;

  • Our go to date night that is always a fun experience is very simple… dinner and a movie (more like Netflix marathon) at home! We love finding recipes that can be challenging but deliciously worth it to make from scratch! An amazing website that we have tried many recipes from is (a must try if you have not tried already!).

Here is a dish we made for dinner tonight!


The BEST enchiladas ever.


  • Another date idea is to go to your favorite bookstore with coffee in hand and pick out some books together! Chace and I love to go to our local Barnes and Noble, grab a cup of coffee/tea at Starbucks and explore the different books in the store! We always separate and rome the isles and grab books that we like to share with each other and pick out to take home to read.


  • Going on a hike together is a great way to clear the mind and take time to get away from the daily stresses of life. There is nothing more therapeutic for us than a hike through the woods. It gives us a great excuse to escape, connect, and enjoy nature! Also, did I mention it’s FREE?!
  • Another great date is to go on a bike ride together! We love going on bike rides together on the beautiful scenic paths of Cape Cod. Add a bottle of wine and some treats from the local bakery and BAM it is perfection!


  • Raise your hand if you love wine! I do! And what better way to enjoy a variety of great wine than at a vineyard?! My absolute FAVORITE dates are at vineyards. They are so affordable and such a great experience!

img_0048These are just a few dates that we love and I wanted to share with you. All in all, please don’t forget to take time to yourselves and enjoy each other’s company in the midst of all of the exciting craziness of the holidays!






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